RGBW Lights - B6QB1020 | B6QB2020

Luxary lighting with RGBW wall washers. Stylish, high-quality, quality certifications, Over 30 models, IP66, Guaranteed for 3-5 yrs.
Can be used by lighting designers & architects to create fabulous night time aesthetics, accessibility, security and other special social events for private gardens, public landscapes and LED outdoor lighting. These linear wall washers change the ambience of the area of facade.

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    Material Specifications: B6QB1020 | B6QB2020

    Extruded aluminium, powder coated
    Light Window:
    Tempered glass. T=3mm
    Optical lens, efficiency≥85%
    Glass and housing are silicone sealed
    SMD3535 RGBW 4in1
    Cable Gland:
    IP68 PG-11 PA66
    12# Die-casting powder coated aluminum
    Power Cable:
    H05RR-F 5X0.75mm2 L=0.5m
    Operating Temperature:
    Built-in overheat sensor system :
    Automatic Shutdown at 75°C


    Model NumberLight SourceLensLens DegreeLengthInput VoltageOperating Current(MA)Consumption (W)Lumance (LM)IK
    B6QB102010X4W RGBW 4in1B4830⁰52524V DC24V=188824V=45.3129705
    B6QB202020X4W RGBW 4in1B4830⁰102524V DC24V=375824V=90.2254205


    RGBW architectural wall washer for swimming pool, linear facade lighting & RGBW landscape lighting projects with  IP66/IP67/IP68 rating & 30+ designs. RGBW refers to the four standard colors in the LED chips: red, green, blue, and white. Both RGB and RGBW LED lights mix red, green and blue to produce many different colors. However, the dedicated white chips in RGBW LED lights result in a more diverse color palette and can also enhance or raise the brightness of the other colors.

    We carry a wide variety of RGBW architectural wall washer, perfect for any need or application. Whether you’re looking for an RGBW spotlight, inground light, or underwater light, we have just what you’re looking for. And with our competitive prices, you can’t go wrong!

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    With a IP66/IP67/IP68 rating, these lights are perfect for outdoor use, and can even be used underwater or in facade lighting projects. Made with high quality materials like aluminium die-cast and SS316, RGBW LED lights are available in standard powder-coated colors like sanded grey, black, and silver. Plus, with DMX controls, you can easily synchronize colors.

    If you’re looking for a modern and professional way to highlight your shrubs and plants, RGBW inground lights are the way to go. These LED lighting fixtures are perfect for creating a beautiful ambiance and enhancing your environment. With different beam angles, you can combine LEDs to create infinite architectural and interior lighting solutions.

    The RGBW architectural wall washer is a versatile and easy-to-use LED light and is perfect for landscape applications. With an adjustable beam angle, you can customize the lighting to fit your needs. Plus, our multi-color LED landscape lighting is easy to install and even easier to manage. RGBW LED lights are a great way to light up any exterior. A small floodlight with a single high power LED can illuminate plants & architectural details.