RGB Lights - B6P1618 | B6P3018

Linear RGB Wall Washer high lumens output. Dark grey fixture, IP66 protected, Extruded aluminum body, 2W RGB 3in1 LED, 20°/30° lens. Adjustable clamps and accessories are SS316 to protect the fixture from corrosion. Competitively priced, high-quality products with wide range (30+ designs)
These linear wall washers change the ambience of the area of facade. Can be used by lighting designers & architects to create fabulous night time aesthetics, accessibility, security and other special social events for private gardens, public landscapes and LED outdoor lighting.

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    Material Specifications: B6P1618 | B6P3018

    Extruded aluminum,powder coated
    Light Window:
    Step tempered glass.T=4mm
    Optical lens,efficiency≥85%
    SMD3535 RGB 3 IN 1
    Cable Gland:
    IP68 PG-11 PA66
    Operating temperature:
    Stainess steel.T=1.5mm
    Power Cable:
    Input:waterproof plug connector Output:waterproof socket connector 2XH07RN-F 4X1.0mm2L=0.3m


    Model NumberLight SourceLensLens DegreeLength(MM)Input VoltgeOperating Current(MA)Consumption (W)Lumance (LM)IK
    B6P161816x2W RGB 3in1B4930°30524V DCR=400 | G=750 | B=75024V=45124805
    B6P301830x2W RGB 3in1B4930°60524V DCR=1000 | G=1250 | B=125024V=84238405


    RGB exterior wall washer for pool landscape lighting for luxury pool lighting are a great way to add color and light to any space. These versatile fixtures can be used to highlight walls, accentuate pathways, or simply change the ambience of an area. RGB outdoor wall washers are available in multiple sizes and color temperatures, so you can find the perfect fit for your project. With their stylish design and high quality construction, RGB LED lights are a great choice for any lighting designer or architect.

    RGB exterior wall washer lights for luxury pool lighting are a great way to highlight shrubs and plants in your landscape. These inground LED lighting fixtures create a beautiful ambiance and enhance the environment. Combining LED inground lights with different beam angles and LEDs can create infinite architectural lighting solutions. RGB outdoor lights are compatible with DMX512 controllers and can create amazing light patterns for high-quality outdoor lighting.

    RGB exterior wall washer for pool landscape lighting for luxury pool lighting versatile fixtures come with an overheat sensor to avoid overheating, and are applicable for a variety of outdoor lighting applications, including illuminating pool walls and highlighting the shape and texture of the pool. Plus, their color-changing ability and low voltage power consumption make them a must-have for your next underwater lighting project.

    Underwater RGB LED lights for pool landscape lighting for linear facades, underwater & fountain lighting with decoders, DMX512 controllers for high-quality outdoor lighting. These lights are a great way to add some pizzazz to your landscape or facade lighting projects. With over 16 million hues of light available, you can really get creative with your lighting effects. RGB LED fixtures are also very reliable, thanks to their optical quality and fine finishes. And if you’re worried about glare, you can always equip your fixture with an anti-glare filter.

    RGB wall washer for pool landscape lighting are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of architectural lighting applications. They are available in a variety of wattages and shapes, and come in housing colors of sanded brown, matte black, silver, and anodized aluminum finish. Our RGB outdoor range of exterior fixtures come with quality certifications like ETL, RoHS, SAA, ISO9001. The durable, impact resistant construction helps these fixtures to withstand extreme weather conditions and they are rust & corrosion proof. RGB LED Spot Lights come with a heat radiation structure and adjustable beam direction.

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