Outdoor Wall Lights - B3ZA0156

LED wall lights are recessed and surface mounted lights with different wattages, beam angles and color temperatures. Wattage for outdoor LED wall lights starts from 1W to a maximum of 8W. Beam angles offered are narrow to wide beam. The symmetric and asymmetric beam can be provided for uniform lighting effects.
The body material is aluminium die-cast in powder-coated colors of sanded grey, black, and silver. Adjustable clamps to surface mount the fixtures comes with the fixture. Color temperatures available are 2000K, 3000K and 6000K. Stunning designs. IP65, Symmetrical lens of 30⁰.

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    Material Specifications: B3ZA0156

    12# Die-casting dark grey powder coated aluminium T=60-80um. Adhesion of ISO class 1/ASTM class 4B
    Optical lens, efficiency≥85%
    PC Cover:
    UV Resistance PC, T=3.5mm
    LED Driver:
    Constant Voltage Input, Constant current output
    Excellent heat conductivity aluminium, coefficient of heat conductivity≥2.0w/mk
    Operating Temperature:
    Power Cable:
    AWM 1A 105⁰C 600V 18AWG FTI L=300mm
    Mounting Base:
    Powder coated die-cast aluminium
    Dimmable Support:
    Triac PWM 1-10V Dali


    Model#Light SourceLensLens DegreeInput VoltageOperating Current(MA)Consumption (W)Lumance (LM)IK
    B3ZA01561x1WB1730⁰24V DC24V=4824V=1.2Cool White = 100 | Warm White = 8302


    Surface mounted outdoor wall lights 1W, 9 to 50 deg beam angle. For lighting projects in Latvia with IP65-66 rating and up to 3yrs warranty. The LED fixtures are made of aluminium die-cast and powder coated to standard 3 colors(dark grey, black & silver). OSRAM LED is the chip used in the fixture with high lumens output. The fixture wattage is 1W and the color temperature available are 2000K, 3000K and 6000K. The fixture is wall surface or ceiling mounted. Can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Stunning designs. IP65, UV resistant PC cover, Symmetrical lens of 30⁰.

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