Swimming Pool Lights

High-grade swimming pool lights for underwater application projects worldwide. The entire swimming pool lights are made of SS316 material to make it rust or corrosion free. High powered LED chips are used as light source in these fixtures. Standard color temperature and beam angles for swimming pool lights are 2000K, 3000K and 6000K with lens 9º, 15º, 20º, 30º, 45º and 60º. Wattages start 2W upwards to 45W. 

Swimming pool lights can also be provided with RGB/W color changing LEDs with DMX control systems. These lights come with an ingress protection of IP68. Offer Triac, PWM, 1-10V & Dali dimming options. Lighting Designers & Architects use these fixtures to create fabulous nighttime aesthetics, illumination of pool walls, walkways, floor etc.

High quality swimming pool light with stainless steel housing and 4mm step tempered glass. These waterproof lights can also be used in fountains to give underwater lighting effects. These lights make the pool more attractive and help in highlighting the shape and texture of the pool. Swimming pool lights add a beauty to the pool and waterbody applications. 

The new swimming pool lights with asymmetric lens can be installed on the wall or in the ground to give a wall washing effect inside pools and waterbody. Color changing lights can be used to create light shows and textures for architectural lighting element. Water resorts majorly use these lighting fixtures as they have different sections and each of them sets a different mood for which lighting is an essential element. Various water features are  shooting fountain, wave pool etc can have lights that specifically enhances the beauty of it. 

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