Most Beautiful LED Inground COB Light for Hotels & Resorts in Macao



Inground CoB Light - RB2CNAR0126

Inground CoB lights for architectural lighting projects. Premium quality LED source and components are used in the products. The front plate for LED inground CoB lights are hard chrome-plated stainless steel and 4mm step tempered glass. Overall a non-corrosive, robust product for outdoor applications. Inground CoB lights come with standard lens of 15, 24, 38 & 60 degree with an ingress protection of IP65. CCT available: 3000K | 6000K.

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    Material Specifications RB2CNAR0126

    Front cover & Housing:
    #12 Die-casting dark grey powder coated aluminium, Hard cromeplated stainless steel SUS 316#
    Light Window:
    Tempered frosted step glass. T=4mm
    Opal Reflector efficiency ≥90%
    Multi chip on board LED
    LED Driver:
    Constant Voltage Input, Constant Current Output
    Power Cable:
    H05RN-F 2X1.0mm2 L=0.5m(Low voltage) H05RN-F 3X1.0mm2 L=0.5m(High voltage)
    Operating Temperature:
    Dimmable Support:
    Triac PWM 1-10V Dali


    Model#Light Source LENSLens DegreeInput VoltageOperating Current(MA)Consumption (W)Lumance (LM)IK
    RB2CNAR01261x6WR838⁰24V DC | 120V | 240V24V=320 | 120V=72 | 240V=4024V=7.5 | 120V=8.2 | 240V=8.572208


    Inground COB Light Macao

    Most Beautiful LED Inground COB Light for Hotels & Resorts in Macao. Best quality & preferred choice for hotel lighting projects in Macao. LED InGround COB light with hard chrome-plated stainless steel housing and 4mm step tempered glass. The lens is adjustable to 15, 24, 38 & 60 degree prior to installation depending on the lighting effect. These lights come with an ingress protection of IP65.

    CCT of 2000k/3000k & 6000k available. LED Inground lights is a popular type of Outdoor LED lighting used by Lighting Designers & Architects to highlight walls, columns, create fabulous night time aesthetics accessibility, security, recreation, sport, and other special social events for gardens & landscapes, facade & outdoor lighting with smart lighting effects.

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