High Power Outdoor LED Focus Light - JRF4-M-H

Adjustable LED projector light with 16 LEDs/fixture, IP66 & IK08 rating. 38W-85W power, single and RGB color, multiple beam angles. Competitive price, high-quality products with wide range & extensive product depth.
Outdoor LED Focus light is one of the majorly used types of Outdoor lighting fixtures & can be used by Lighting Designers & Architects to create fabulous nighttime aesthetics, security, sport, private gardens, public landscapes, building facade, stage lighting.

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    Material Specifications: JRF4-M-H

    LED Quantity:
    16 pcs
    Frequency Range:
    50/60 Hz
    Control Mode:
    Temperature of Working Condition:
    Humidity of Working Condition:
    LED Lifetime:
    Protection Grade & IK:
    IP66 & IK08


    Model#WattageInput VoltageBeam AngleColorLumance
    JRF4-M-30H27W24V DC | AC100-277V10⁰|15⁰|25⁰|30⁰|50⁰|10⁰x35⁰4000K2128lm
    JRF4-M-20H18W24V DC | AC100-277V10⁰|15⁰|25⁰|30⁰|50⁰|10⁰x35⁰4000K1520lm
    JRF4-M-40H-C40W24V DC | AC100-277V10⁰|15⁰|25⁰|30⁰|50⁰|10⁰x35⁰RGBW1530lm
    JRF4-M-30-H-C30W24V DC | AC100-277V10⁰|15⁰|25⁰|30⁰|50⁰|10⁰x35⁰RGBW1247lm
    JRF4-M-20H-C20W24V DC | AC100-277V10⁰|15⁰|25⁰|30⁰|50⁰|10⁰x35⁰RGBW902lm
    JRF4-M-60H56W24V DC | AC100-277V10⁰|15⁰|25⁰|30⁰|50⁰|10⁰x35⁰4000K3700lm
    JRF4-M-40H38W24V DC | AC100-277V10⁰|15⁰|25⁰|30⁰|50⁰|10⁰x35⁰4000K2686lm


    Adjustable outdoor spotlights for architectural lighting solution, RGB architectural facade, exterior lighting ideas with DMX system. Outdoor focus light fixtures are available in RGBW colors which can be used with DMX controls to create beautiful light patterns. Spotlights can be used to highlight a building facade lighting . Mount them at the base of a wall, or aim them at porch columns. You can also use them for downlighting on the side of your house or under eaves.

    Adjustable outdoor spotlights are a versatile and energy-efficient way to highlight any object, indoors or out. Whether you’re accenting a fountain or lighting up a flag, the right intensity of light can make all the difference. Not sure how much light you need? A good rule of thumb is to think about the size of the object you’re trying to illuminate. Smaller objects will require lower lumen outputs, while larger objects will need more power. With LED spotlights, it’s easy to get just the right amount of light for any project.

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    These lights can be used to create interesting shadows and outlines of objects, adding a unique element to any room. Adjustable outdoor spotlights lights can be placed inside or outside of your garden beds to highlight specific plants or areas. They also work well for illuminating facades and architectural details on buildings.

    If you’re looking for exterior lighting ideas for your home, LED spotlights are a great option. You can choose an intensity that’s right for the object you’re highlighting, and they come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Whether you’re lighting up a fountain or a statue, these high power spotlights will do the job perfectly.

    If you’re looking for Adjustable outdoor spotlights that can create interesting effects, then you’ll want to check out our selection of high power focus lights. These  types of facade lighting are perfect for lighting designers and architects who are looking to add a unique touch to their projects.