High Power Outdoor LED Focus Light - JRF4-M-G

IP66 rated projector lights with CRI >80 & 5⁰ beam angle. The preferred choice for architectural & landscape lighting by Lighting Designers. These fixtures come with 9 LEDs per fixture & ON/OFF control mode.
Outdoor LED Focus light is one of the majorly used types of Outdoor lighting fixtures & can be used by Lighting Designers & Architects to create fabulous nighttime aesthetics, security, sport, private gardens, public landscapes, building facade, stage lighting.

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    Material Specifications: JRF4-M-G

    LED Quantity:
    9 pcs
    Frequency Range:
    50/60 Hz
    Control Mode:
    Temperature of Working Condition:
    Humidity of Working Condition:
    LED Lifetime:
    Protection Grade & IK:
    IP66 & IK08