Outdoor Lighting Facade Wall Washer Lights

The very best LED Fountain Lights at competitive price, high-quality with widest ranges (50+ designs) & extensive product depth: material, finish colors, beam angles, light source & accessories, the newest include the RGBW range of Outdoor LED Lighting fixtures with DMX controls.

  • High quality Fountain lights with chrome plated stainless steel housing and 8-10mm tempered glass.
  • The lens options are 6, 13, 20, 25, 30, 35, & 45 degree depending on the lighting effect.
  • These light fixtures come with ingress protection of IP68.
  • Built in overheat sensor system.
  • Options for CCT 2000k/3000k & 6000k with Triac, PWM, 1-10V & Dali dimming.

  • Lighting Designers & Architects use these fixtures to create fabulous nighttime aesthetics, Illumination of pool walls, floor etc. These waterproof lights can create underwater lighting effects.

    These outdoor lights enhance the beauty of the water movement and create Infinite architectural lighting solutions. In daylight, we are not able to see the real beauty of the fountain but LED lights is a perfect way to bring a character to any fountain.

    At night, we can use various kinds of light to enhance the water movement. Color changing (RGB) and dimming lights with different combinations can be used to create beautiful lighting effects. One can create wonders with the right distribution of light. RGB fountain light enables you to create millions of different colors of light, all based on these three primary colors. Applications of this light can be in water resorts, hotel fountain lighting, park lighting, pool lighting, etc.

    These LED Outdoor lightings also change the ambience of the area where the fountain is situated and sets a colorful and happy mood. These fixtures can be used in various types of water bodies in addition to fountain lighting.

  • Product & Manufacturing process certifications include UL, CUL, SAA, TUV, CE, BIS, ISO-9001 & ISO -14005.
  • Over 50+ stunning designs. IP68, Symmetrical & Asymmetrical lens, 1W-50W.
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  • A free installation guide is provided with each product.
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  • High quality architectural Outdoor LED inground uplight fixtures & solution at economical prices & 3 years warranty.

  • Some of the highlights are as follows: