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February 1, 2021
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February 1, 2021

A Strip Of LED Lights Under The Stairs Of This Home Adds A Warm Glow To The Interior

Architecture firm Andrey Sokruta Workshop has designed a modern home in Kiev, Ukraine, that includes an illuminated staircase.

Since each tread in the wood staircase has an overhang (or nosing) which extends past the riser, a thin strip of LED lighting can be placed underneath, providing a warm glow to the stairs.

Here’s a closer view of the wood stairs, showing the overhang and glow of the LED lighting.

The rest of the home includes wood-like tiles on the exterior and interior, panoramic windows, black lighting designed to look like two sheets of metal bent in a chaotic geometry, a living room with a large blue sofa, and a kitchen with matte black accents.

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