LED Strip & Neon Flex


Full Spectrum LED Strip Tape Light
High Density LED Strip Tape Light
High CRI LED Strip Tape Light
High Lumens LED Strip Tape Light
Wall Washer LED Tape Strip Light
Economy LED Strip Tape Light
Fresh Light
Super Slim 4MM LED Tape Strip Light
Super Slim 5MM LED Tape Strip Light
S Type LED Tape Strip Light
3D Bendable LED Tape Strip Light
Warm White to White LED Tape Strip Light
RGB+WW+W LED Tape Strip Light
SMD 5050 LED Tape Strip Light
Digital Pixel LED Tape Strip Light
Side View Bendable LED Tape Strip Light
CoB LED Strip Light
Neon Flex
Neon Flex
Neon Flex


Infinite Architectural LED Linear Lighting Applications, Accent Lighting, Aesthetic lighting, Art Display lighting, Bar Counter lighting, Building Façade lighting, Commercial lighting, Display Board lighting, Display window lighting, Hotel Corridor Lighting, Hotel Lighting, Hotel Room, LED Cove Lighting, Night Club Lighting, Pathway lighting, Restaurants, Retail display Lighting, Signages, Spa Lighting, Stage lighting, Walkway Lighting, Residential Lighting, Bathroom Lighting, Bedroom Lighting, Cabinet Lighting, False Ceiling Lighting, Furniture Lighting, Hand Rail Lighting, Library Lighting, Living room lighting, Mirror Lighting, Pelmet Lighting, Shelf Lighting, Staircase Lighting, Under Cabinet Lighting, Wardrobe lighting, Outdoor & Landscape Lighting, Bridge Lighting, Church Lighting, Deck Lighting, Fountain LED Linear lighting, Freezer Lighting, Garage LED Lighting, Garden Lighting, LED Landscape Linear Lighting, Outdoor LED light strips, Path lighting, School Lighting, Stage Lighting, Swimming Pool Lighting, Resort Lighting


  • Full Spectrum LED Strip Light
  • High CRI LED Strip Light
  • Wall Washer LED Tape Light
  • High Density LED Strip Light
  • Fresh Light LED Strip
  • Super Slim Tape Light
  • S Shaped bendable LED Tape Light
  • 3D Bendable LED Strip Light
  • RGB strip Light
  • RGBW Tape Light
  • RGBWWW Tape Light
  • COB Tape Lights
  • Slim Neon Flex
  • LED Neon Flex

  • High Quality Manufacturing
  • Guarantee & Warranty for 5 years
  • Quality Certification
  • Product Certification
  • High CRI
  • IES Files
  • LM79/80 Reports
  • 1 Binning
  • Customization
  • 22 different type of LED Strip
  • Over 1000+ varieties
  • Post Production Test Reports
  • OEM manufacturing
  • Long Life & Low Maintenance
  • Flexible
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Over 800+ High Grade LED Aluminium Profiles
  • 23 different type of LED Aluminium Profiles
  • Neon Flex for Swimming Pools
  • Indoor & Outdoor Linear Lighting
  • Premium Quality at Best Prices

  • Cove Lighting
  • LED Aluminium Profile
  • LED Cove Lighting
  • LED Flex
  • LED Flex Neon
  • LED Linear
  • LED Linear Lighting
  • LED Neon Flex
  • LED Neon Lighting
  • LED Strip
  • LED Tape Light
  • Linear LED Lighting
  • Linear Lighting
  • Neon Flex
  • Neon Lighting
  • RGB Strip Light
  • Smart Lighting
  • Strip Light
  • Premium LED Strip / Tape Light, Neon Flex, LED Aluminium profiles

    High-quality Infinite Architectural Indoor & Outdoor LED Linear Lighting solutions at best price with 5-7 years Guarantee

    LED Strip & Neon Flex, Rigid & Neon for Architectural Indoor & Outdoor LED Linear lighting

    We cover the entire range for professional LED Strip Neon Flex Lighting. Cove & Neon Lighting for Hospitality or any high end project with CRI>94

    Certifications: we are one the best LED NEON Flex & Rigid Light manufacturer and produce high quality product with TUV, RoHS, UL & BIS Certification with 5 year warranty:
    Product Advantages: High CRI>94, High efficiency>159 LM/M, LED encapsulation: Epistar Chip with 99.99% gold wire, Fluorescent power: INTEMATIX (made in US) Binning: 1 bin, Reflow with 10 temperature zones, Aging Test done on all Strip light manufactured, Double layered copper PCB 3 OZ for heat dissipation and lower voltage drop RoHS, UL & BIS Certification with 5 year warranty:

    Manufactured by high-tech and TUV ISO9001:2015 certified enterprise, all the products are certified by TUV,CE as well as RoHS compliant and UL & BIS certified. The production of SMD LED, is the heart of production. Advanced LED lighting manufacturing facilities such as auto-soldering and SMT machines to attach the components are also done in house.

    Advanced electrical testing device such as Spectrophotometer and Goniophotometer are available in-house, (GO-2000 can realize both CIE B-β and C-γ measurement solution and get the report like IES and LDT) with professionally trained QC team and Engineer team to ensure the best quality

    IF high quality & certified products at affordable prices are your benchmarks, write to us: info@est.net.in