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December 24, 2020
Furniture and interior designer Kelvin Teo’s home is also his drawing board for ideas
December 24, 2020

Text description provided by the architects. This project started with a desire to create a space that offers a complete therapy. Thanks to the many good deeds done in the past by the old lady (Mrs. Ham)-whom the region’s name Hamdeok originated from-the vernacular stone house left a good first impression. The wonders this stone house offered, captured our hearts like love at first sight. And with the good intentions shared with a friend, new interpretations were added to the space to complete a stay with the theme of healing and therapy called ‘Waon’.

A calming cup of tea, a warm bath that warms your body, a sauna to warm up your stay, the herb gardens to calm baths that will heal your mind, Waon is a great place to meet the aspirations of anyone who wants a proper rest. The project was proceeded with a gladness, while seeking for the original beauty of the house without degrading the context of the existing stone house.

Waon consists of three spaces. A space for hospitality, the Greeting House. A space of warmth and relaxation; the Comfort House. And a space with a cup of tea, spa and sauna; the Therapy house.

Jeju’s hospitality can be experienced as you set your feet at the Greeting House of Waon-Daemunchae-. The Greeting House, which successfully retained the simplicity and the appearance of the old house, warms the guests like a grandmother’s hand. The two ‘Comfort Houses’ and the ‘Therapy House’ represent the residential culture of Jeju. In order to reveal the characteristics of Jeju’s thatched house, ‘Nang-gan’ and the two stone houses, that evokes the old local memories, were restored

To emphasize the concept of healing, the entire building of the Therapy House was designed as a bath. The softness and warmth of the water; the scent passing in between the soil, stones and trees; and the garden outside the window; all these atypical concepts contribute as elements of relaxation and healing in Waon.

With the light touch of a therapist, multiple spa programs are planned in the Therapy Room. Currently a giftpack of tea, aroma, and bath products, is offered under the theme of Five Basic Elements.

The Comfort House was designed as a restful space where families can relax. The bed, kitchen, living room, and the bathroom were completed as an open structure within the same space. The old rafters combine with the calm beige tones of the furniture and lighting brings out an unusual experience by the designer’s sensitive interpretation.

In this project, IOT technology was implemented to add a new experience to the relaxation. The space was designed to be controlled with a voice user interface. This includes the illuminance and temperature of the entire space; curtain blinds, magic glass with Apple Home Pod(AI Speaker). However, since the Apple Home Pod does not support Korean language, an iPad was placed for everyone to easily change the atmosphere of the space with a single touch This offers a combined solution of sensitivity and technology.

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