Neon Lighting for Facade
NEON Flexi for Facade: 48 meter single connection UV & salt water resistant
November 17, 2018
Lighting fixtures
High quality project lighting at eco prices
March 12, 2019
High power & quality Architectural Outdoor Facade led linear Wall Washer & Grazer

Architectural Outdoor led linear Wall Washer & Grazer:

Architectural outdoor led linear wall grazers / washers:
EST Lights presents magnificent & powerful range of outdoor led linear wall washers & grazers. Available in 10W-80W per meter with lumens output of 150 lumens/Watt, Beam Angle from 4-120 degree, with symmetrical & unsymmetrical lenses. Infinite application, from wall glazing to facade lighting to even lighting up the Taj mahal to Colosseums – the wonders of the world

The best led linear Outdoor facade lighting available worldwide with a warranty of 3 years. This is popular name for a lighting design technique for illumination of large surfaces. It is mainly used with contemporary architecture, in public cultural buildings, museums and galleries and landscape lighting.