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March 7, 2018
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March 7, 2018


Distinctive architectural elements deserve to be noticed.

Façade & Outdoor Illumination accentuates the architecture, facilitate orientation, convey messages, communicate emotions, and create attention. People find the nightscapes around them created by illuminated building façades. Lighting brings signature interior and exterior architectural features into focus.

These provide a map of light that leads the eye to appreciate their splendour, with discrete illumination solutions that exude a concentrated radiance, elegantly distinguishing intricate façades, walls, and borders.

Lighting solutions for building façades & Outdoors need to create added value for local authorities or have architectural or economic merit by making a location more beautiful and safer, showing a building off in the right light or getting a positive corporate image across. Also blend technology with simplicity, flexible system solutions ensure bright, even output, and efficient operation and installation process

Achieving this demands, great aesthetic design sensibility and lighting solutions also need to be sustainable, save resources and prevent unnecessary light pollution.

What must we look for whilst deciding on Smart and advanced Linear Lighting Solutions for Outdoor & Facade

Attractive and Effective: Illumination of facades & Outdoor space can turn a building into a real eye-catcher from far away. The high-contrast interplay between light and shadow increases overall vividness. Dynamic light effects reflect the fulfilment of all decorative exterior lighting requirements and leave an ever-lasting impression.

Outdoor Lighting should have the ideal palette of styles to put outdoor areas effectively in the right light. This will communicates a friendly, design-oriented and inviting appeal to the observers during dark hours as well.

The luminaires should be Robust, low-maintenance technology to ensures functionality for a guaranteed period and energy savings

Linear LED luminaires should be easy to install, ready for immediate use and ideal for facade & Outdoor lighting applications due to the wide color spectrum of RGB and white tones. They should consume less energy and minimize maintenance costs due to a long service life and outstanding resistance to atmospheric conditions.

  1.  Built for Architects & Lighting Designers: Should be built with the individual aspirations of chief architects in mind, as well as lighting designers’ preferences, the requirements of installers and the long-term needs of operators.
  2. Low Wattage: In the past, wattages of 35 W to 400 W per lighting point were not unusual in the case of HIT floodlights, but many of the luminaire product ranges at maximum wattages of only 50W.
  3. Form Factor of Luminaire: Positioning the luminaires right in the physical structure makes the lighting effect significantly better than with banks of high-wattage floodlights that are mounted with greater clearances: such floodlights can only stage a façade relatively inaccurately and are unsightly in the daytime.
  4. Controls: Control is a crucial planning detail for any façade lighting: no two days are alike, the effect of light varies depending on the time of year, and a building or the area immediately adjacent to it is often laid out for various activities. Appropriately adaptive lighting creates added value. Thanks to Pulse Width Modulation, LED façade luminaires can often be driven by bus signals produced by any familiar lighting technology:
    • SwitchDIM or sequencers are the simplest solution for individual luminaires and small sets of luminaires
    • DALI control can also be coordinated with the interior lighting: dimming and limited dynamic colours on up to 2 x 64 channels
    • DMX control for extensive colour-changing control of a relatively large set of RGB luminaires
  5. Application Oriented: Application-oriented versatility Façade luminaires have the task of illuminating different building shells – while blending unobtrusively into the background and becoming part of the façade.
    1. New Product offers abundant ways of achieving this: recessed and surface-mounted luminaires that are used singly or in groups, depending on the particular task in hand.
    2. The surface-mounted luminaires have strictly geometrical shapes, while the recessed luminaires are invisible in the façade. Easy installation and addressing Because luminaires on a façade are often difficult to access, many product features are intended to simplify installation and avoid addressing errors.
    3. The time this saves reduces the cost of a project.
  1. Long service life: With luminaires that, because of lighting technology and switching times, often have to operate for many years or more without needing maintenance, the durability of luminaire housings and mounting parts is absolutely crucial. What is more, many buildings are located in harsh environments, for instance buildings close to the sea which are exposed to salt-laden sea air.
  2. High Grade Components: All luminaires should be marine grade luminaires with heavy-duty protection and are therefore extremely durable. Luminaire housing and mounting part should be made of highest-grade, low-copper aluminium alloy. After environmentally-compatible cleaning by nano particles, housings should be given a dual-layer powder coating: first an epoxy layer, then a polyester layer is applied and heated. This make sure that the powder-coated components are protected against moisture and mechanical impact as well as against UV radiation. Mounting parts, screw fittings and mechanical connectors are made of highest-grade V4A special steel.

Lighting manufacturers should be able to reconcile all these factors – with a range of luminaires that are specially adapted to cope with demanding lighting tasks.

LED Linear Lighting solutions not only shape a building’s architecture and accentuate details in a multifaceted manner by directing light very precisely and opens a whole new spectrum of smart light solutions for all types of façade and outdoor illumination and when combined with light management systems, they provide extremely flexible lighting that meets all the necessary requirements

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