Recessed Grille Lights

Indoor LED Recessed Grille Lights for interior lighting applications with narrow to wide beam angle optics, with an option of color temperature from 2700K-3000K-4000K & 5000K. CRI above 90 with high lumens output. Wattages start from 13W to a maximum of 35W. 360⁰ rotatable and adjustable, to meet different requirements of lighting. Anti-glare & focus lighting designs. Can be controlled using DALI / 0~10V / Triac dimming drivers..
Some of the fixtures can be provided with frosted or clear glass, honeycomb louvers and different beam angle reflectors to suit the ambiance. Recessed, adjustable spotlights are an option for hotel room lighting, banquets, lobby, high-end accent lighting areas, restaurants and also an option for interior lighting for luxury homes.

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