Partner Programs

Our Existing Buyers & Partners Landscape
For more than a decade now, ESTLights and Rhea LED Linear have catered to some of the finest, largest and the most quality stringent corporate entities, leading lighting designers and architects, lighting design studios, and project lighting influencers from around the world.

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We follow the “Customer First” philosophy and believe that our discerning buyers will get a truly enriching and enhanced experience only when they get the most advanced luxury lighting products. We have sourced, manufactured, and supplied world class, technologically advanced products and which have always been aggressively priced in order to suit all kinds of lighting budgets. These in turn have led to customer loyalty, trust, and satisfaction – year on year.

Today, buyers and marketing partners who procure our be-spoke, premium lighting products represent a cross section of some of the most prominent lighting firms dotted across Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East and USA. This is a manifestation of the symbiotic relationship that we share with our esteemed buyers and marketing partners and who, in turn, assiduously create marvellous, world class lighting projects.

Why Partner with us?
We are on the cusp of a quantum business leap - even as there is a renewed global demand for sophisticated and long-lasting lighting products and solutions. The resurgence of the global construction, hospitality, IT, Government has led to a huge demand for high quality lighting products and fixtures. This is the right time to create a niche platform for us as partners and stake claim to a lucrative share of the global lighting industry market.

At ESTLights & Rhea LED linear, we are always looking to grow organically, build mutually rewarding partnerships with architects, designers, lighting designers and lighting professionals, expand our reach and capabilities to cover majority of the global destinations, and create a win-win experience for all our partners and stake holders.

Take a look in the critical areas where we can add tremendous business value:

  • Façade Lighting: We can help you with design, supply, and installation of façade designs – from small homes and villas to skyscrapers

  • Architectural Outdoor and Landscape Lighting: World class design, high-quality architectural lighting fixtures to meet sophisticated lighting designs & project requirements

  • Architectural Linear/Any Shape Lighting: Our capabilities span the design, engineering, and manufacture of surface, pendant, and recessed lighting systems of any shape or size

  • Decorative Lighting: Convert any of your complex decorative lighting designs to reality.

  • Tangible Benefits of Loyalty Partner Program
    Moving forward, our Strategic Marketing Partner (SMP) Program accords you a bouquet of tangible business benefits. And a few of them are populated here:

    • Exclusive Partnership Opportunity: An exclusive business opportunity for you to rely on and build upon a time-tested establishment that already has wide ranging presence in several countries and a 5000+ product range across outdoor, indoor, strips, neon, profiles to name a few. This is your chance to partner with the #1 lighting brand to reap in good returns on your investments.
    • Special Discounts for Partners: Take advantage of exclusively discounted price structures across our entire premium range of products, subject to basic MOQ and other terms getting fulfilled. This lowered cost bar will help you build solid business cases with your clients and help with all requirements within the budgeted costs, leaving you with the desired profit margins.
    • Samples on Demand: Steady supply of samples of our prime and fast-moving products on demand, subject to availability and deposit conditions being fulfilled. This will help immensely in proper technical evaluation, take customer buy-in and assist in conscious procurement decision making.
    • Focused Account Manager: To understand your project requirements in greater detail, offer you real time solutions support, cherry pick the right products, resolve technical queries and hand hold you at every step of your procurement and installation journey.
    • Benefit from periodic promotional campaigns: Take the first mover advantage of our various branding and promotional campaigns to stay ahead of the curve. Such campaigns will help you better outreach with your customer base.

    • How do I join the Loyalty Program
      Please fill in the brief particulars as requested below and a senior executive will reach out to you within 2 working days – in order to take your business interests further.


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