LED Bollard Light - B9ASL0166 | B9ASM0166 | B9ASH0166

LED Outdoor Bollard Light with CCT of 3000K/6000K. SMD3535 LED, 6W power, die-cast aluminium housing & high grade steel cover. Available in powder coated colors of sanded black, light sanded grey and dark grey.
Bollard lights are a type of architectural outdoor lighting fixture which gives off light from the top or the sides. It is used to illuminate steps, walkways or pathways. Available in various heights and designs. The uses of this light can be in playgrounds, roadways, malls, parks, parking spots and safety. Bollards are also applicable for security purpose and helps in managing traffic.

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    Material Specifications: B9ASL0166 | B9ASM0166 | B9ASH0166

    Front cover & Housing:
    12# Die-casting powder coated alumimium T=60-80μm. Adhesion of ISO class 1/ASTM class 4B, Hard Crome plated stainless Steel SUS 316#
    Light Window:
    LED Driver:
    Constant Voltage Input, Constant Current Output
    Power Cable:
    H05RN-F 3X1.0mm2 L=0.3m H05RN-F 3X1.0mm2 L=0.5m H05RN-F 3X1.0mm2 L=1.0m
    Operating Temperature :
    Standard Base / Flange Base
    Dimmable Support:
    Triac PWM 1-10V Dali


    Model#Light Source Input VoltageOperating Current(MA)Consumption (W)Lumance (LM)
    B9ASL0166SMD3535x6W120/240V120=108 | 240=60120V=7.7 | 240V=8.2Warm White=138
    B9ASM0166SMD3535x6W120/240V120=108 | 240=60120V=7.7 | 240V=8.2Warm White=138
    B9ASH0166SMD3535x6W120/240V120=108 | 240=60120V=7.7 | 240V=8.2Warm White=138


    Bollard garden lights are a great way to add style and safety to any outdoor space. Whether you’re looking to accentuate your garden or protect your property, these luminaires are a versatile and stylish solution. With so many different options available, it’s easy to find the perfect bollard light for your needs. These fixtures are used for security purposes but they are also equally good for landscape lighting.

    Bollards are a great way to add some extra light to your patio, garden, landscape or outdoor space. These fixtures are designed for outdoor use and can be an effective and attractive lighting option for paths, driveways. Available in a variety of wattages and color temperatures. And with a lifespan of 50,000 burning hours, you can be sure that your bollard light will last for years.

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    Bollard garden lights is a versatile and stylish way to light up your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking to illuminate a path, spread light over an area, or highlight an architectural feature, these fixtures are a great option. And because they come in a variety of styles, you’re sure to find the perfect luminaire for your landscape path lighting projects. High grade SMD3535 LEDs extend the lifespan of these fixtures.

    These fixtures are perfect for illuminating pathways and landscape areas. They come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any need. Spacing plays an important role to provide a specific light effect. Driveway bollard lights can be used as path finders in urban parks, retail shopping centers, residential and hotels Available in powder coated colors of sanded black, light sanded grey and dark grey. Overall, these fixtures not only provide safety but also provide lighting.

    Bollard light for landscape path lighting, driveway lights, pathway lights and walkway lights with SMD3535 LEDs. These pathway lights or driveway lights are typically round or square post style fixtures two to four feet high that project light horizontally and/or downward to provide necessary lighting for walkways. These luminaires often provide a very evenly distributed light pattern. Bollard light is also perfect for bringing a relaxing mood and highlighting plants due to the soft lights.

    These outdoor lighting fixtures are applicable for pathway lights/ patio lights/ driveway lights & backyard lights to illuminate for pedestrian use and safety. A bollard is a type of outdoor lighting encased in a vertical post at ground level. As landscaping requirements have evolved, bollard lights have become more intricate and varied in shape and design. Bollard lights provide ground level lighting without dazzling or offending visual experience for drivers and pedestrians. Since bollard lights illuminate at lower heights, they will not bother people while brightening up the ground.