Wall Washer - S6R1256 | S6R2456

Wall washer are slim lights with different wattages, beam angles and color temperatures. Wattage start from 6W to maximum of 48W with beam angle of 15⁰*32⁰. Body material used is aluminium die-cast in powder coated colors of sanded grey, black and silver. Adjustable clamps and accessories are SS316 to protect the fixture from corrosion.
Color temperatures available are 2000K, 3000K and 6000K. RGB and RGBW can also be provided along with DMX controls. Stunning designs with IP66 rating, Symmetric & Asymmetric lens are options in wall washer lights. Architects and lighting designers use wall washer fixtures for various high end outdoor lighting projects.

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    Material Specifications: S6R1256 | S6R2456

    Extruded aluminium, Powder coated
    Optical lens, efficiency≥85%
    Light Window:
    Tempered glass T=4mm
    Cable Gland:
    IP68 PG-9 PA66
    Glass and housing are silicon sealed
    Operating Temperature:
    Hard Chrome plated stainless steel SUS 316L# T=1.5mm
    Power Cable:
    2XH05RN-F 2X1.0mm2 L=0.5m (Low Voltage) 2XH05RN-F 3X1.0mm2 L=0.5m (High Voltage)
    Dimming Support:
    Triac PWM 1-10V Dali


    Model#Light Source LENSLens DegreeLength(MM)Input VoltageOperating Current(MA)Consumption (W)Lumance (LM)IK
    S6R125612x1WB2715⁰x32⁰51024V | 120V | 240V24V=610 | 120V=130 | 240V=6524V=14.5 | 120V=15 | 240V=15Cool White = 1331 | Warm White = 109202
    S6R245624x1WB2715⁰x32⁰98524V | 120V | 240V24V=1229 | 120V=396 | 240V=21924V=29 | 120V=35 | 240V=35Cool White = 2590 | Warm White = 212602


    Spacing between the Linear Beam Wall Washer and the surface helps to determine the level of brightness. For a focused, bright effect the fixture should be placed closer to the wall. Wall washers with high wattages can light up buildings upto 50 floors high. The purpose of wall washers is to illuminate vertical surfaces and enhance the architecture.

    It also helps in highlighting the details and textures on a structure or wall and gives a modern look to the lighting space. Wall washers are also available with in-built drivers & built-in DMX decoders for easy installation and DMX controls.

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    Body material used is aluminium die-cast in powder coated colors of sanded grey, black and silver. Adjustable clamps and accessories are SS316 to protect the fixture from corrosion. These lights are also available in RGB and RGBW, and can be provided along with DMX controls to create infinite lighting effects. Lighting designers and architects can use these high quality LED fixtures in their lighting designs, landscape & prestigious projects.

    There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re considering using Linear Beam Wall Washer. First, you’ll need to decide what type of fixture you want. There are two main types of wall washers: linear and grazing. Linear wall washers are designed to evenly illuminate a large area, while grazing fixtures create more of a “spotlight” effect. Wall washers evenly light up large areas and enhance the architecture.

    The most popular reason to use an Linear Beam Wall Washer is to illuminate an architectural facade – typically lighting facades of skyscrapers & city skylines. These fixtures are available in RGB/RGBW/mono color and are often used to light up historic monument, government building and railway station.

    If you’re looking for a way to add some extra light and interest to your home’s exterior, consider outdoor wall washers. These fixtures are designed to evenly illuminate large vertical surfaces, adding a touch of drama and helping to highlight the architecture of your home.