LED aluminium profiles high-grade. Over 1000’s of different shapes & sizes of led aluminium profile for Indoor & outdoor architectural Lighting. LED Aluminium profiles or extrusions ( with over 750+ of various shapes and sizes)  suitable for LED strip lights. These are high-grade aluminium profiles or extrusion channels with PMMA poly (methyl methacrylate) diffusers with end caps, clamps, stainless steel wires and screws.

The sizes of aluminium profile extrusions are 4MM up to 250MM in width. Made especially for cabinets, stairs, floors, closets, wardrobes, walls, ceiling, facades and infinite architectural designs.  Some aluminium profile diffusers are with 30, 40, 50, 60 and wall washer degree lenses for specific lighting needs. PMMA diffusers are thin to emit more light than acrylic diffusers and bendable.

Types of Aluminium profile extrusion or channels.

Regular, Slim Line, Broad, Office, IP65, IP67, Façade, Refrigeration, Smart Arc, Ring Circular and Customised.

Aluminum profiles, extrusion channels come powder-coated in standard white, off-white and silver. Connectors to join aluminium profiles are available in shapes of X, L and T. Gigantic sized aluminium profiles is part of customization for specialized projects. The sizes vary from 15mtrs to 45mtrs of aluminium profile extrusions with each extrusion size of max. 3mtrs.

Magnetic LED Profile - Aluminium Extrusion LG3131

High-grade Slim Line Led aluminium profile for architectural LED Linear lighting

Aluminium profile extrusions diffuse heat emitted from LED strip lights. Recessed aluminium profiles, extrusions with trim, suspended with stainless steel wires and surface mounted with clamps and screws. Angled profiles channels avoid glare to human eyes and used in stairs. Aluminum profiles extrusions or channels are embedded in the ground to be walked over. Aluminum extrusions vary from IP20 -67.

Infinite lighting designs, shapes, and sizes is possible with aluminium profiles and extrusions. Connect with us for more information on aluminium profiles, extrusions or channels

High-grade led aluminium profiles decorative series. Over 100’s of different shapes & sizes for Indoor & outdoor architectural Lighting

The decorative LED aluminium profiles are specially created for corners and niches. These decorative profiles come in various wattage & ingress protection of IP20 available in lengths of 0.5-3M. Transparent and Opal PC covers/ diffusers with surface mounting accessories help to form uniform lighting. Made available with high-grade aluminum AL6063-T5 and powder coated in silver/black/white finishes. Different types of decorative profiles can be combined with LED strip lights to create infinite architectural and interior lighting solutions. With the advancement of LED technologies, lighting designers, architects & interior designers can use these versatile LED decorative profiles into their projects to create infinite lighting solutions for indoor & outdoor lighting. These LED fixtures are perfect for recessed linear lighting or ceiling lighting.

High grade LED aluminium profile for Indoor & Outdoor LED Linear Lighting

RHEA LED aluminium profiles for led linear lighting: Over 1000+ high grade LED linear aluminium profile available with PMMA diffusers along with accessories
What do we offer:
1. Slim LED Aluminium Profile 6mm for SlimLine indoor lighting
2. Broad LED aluminium Profile: 245 mm width
3. IP 22 to IP68 led aluminium Profiles for led
4. Ring Circular led aluminium Profiles: 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 & 5000 mm Rings
5. Smart Arc & Circular Shaped led aluminium Profiles
6. Customized led aluminium Profiles for specialized projects

Now available in Europe, US, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Israel, Maldives, Russia, India, Australia, New Zealand & many more countries
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