Vision & Mission

RHEA LED Linear develops and OEM manufactures high quality LED Linear Lighting Systems for sophisticated interior and exterior lighting.

The product portfolio includes array of low and high power superior LEDs, embedded into Innovative High Grade Aluminum Profiles (250+ profiles available) and finally connected to reliable Power Supply, thus guaranteeing not just High Performance, Latest Technology, Safety and Innovation - but spoiling you and your design team to ideate, create and implement thousands of ground breaking Architectural Indoor & Outdoor LED Linear Lighting Solutions.

  • Innovative, High Performance, High Quality, Safe & Competitively Priced
  • Flexibility of Products: Freedom of Design, Lumens, Wattage, Dimming, Diffusers, Color Temp, Color, Intensity of Light, Custom-made Extrusion ,Sizes,IP grade 22-68. Specially binned color temperature available (including < 2700K)
  • Flexibility of Applications: From general office lighting to external façade, lightings for skyscrapers to simple mood lighting. Cove, Pendant, Surface Mounted, Recessed, Floor, Wall, Grooves, Niches, Wardrobe, Shoe Racks, Study Tables, Staircase, Edge Markers.
  • Energy & Cost Savings: Lower Investment, Substantial Reduction in Power, Maintenance & replacement cost
  • With a strong Design Development and Sourcing team, we are able to comprehend individual profiles for various applications, such as:
    • Special Lighting of food at super markets
    • High quality Retail Lighting
    • Commercial & Office Buildings - Simple Cove Lighting to Architectural Lighting
    • Indoor or Outdoor Lighting
    • or any customized Linear Lighting requirements

Do you need profiles that are not included in our standard range? Talk to us! We will work with you to develop an appropriate solution.

If you have questions about our products or need assistance in planning and implementing your lighting solution... Talk to us!

We will be delighted to work on your project and assist you.