Outdoor Lights - LED Underwater Lights

The very best Underwater Light for Outdoor LED Lighting at competitive price, high-quality with widest ranges (50+ designs) & extensive product depth: material, finish colors, beam angles, light source & accessories, the newest include the RGBW range of Outdoor Focus Light fixtures with DMX controls.
LED inground lights are commonly used by Lighting Designers & Architects to create fabulous nighttime aesthetics with smart lighting effects.

  • Product & Manufacturing process certifications include UL, CUL, SAA, TUV, CE, BIS, ISO-9001 & ISO -14005.
  • Over 50+ stunning designs. IP68, Symmetrical & Asymmetrical lens, 1W-50W.
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  • A free installation guide is provided with each product.
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  • High quality architectural Outdoor LED inground uplight fixtures & solution at economical prices & 3 years warranty.

  • Some of the high lights are as follows:

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