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Our brands are trusted and approved by International Lighting Designers, Architects and Interior Designers and deployed in over 15+ countries

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We work closely with Architects & lighting designer and implement their lighting design
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OEM & ODM capabilities
State-of-the-art-manufacturing facilities
High Quality benchmarks and inspections at all levers
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Certifications include: UL, CE, TUV, BIS and others

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Outdoor & Landscape Architectural Lighting

Outdoor lighting helps give dimension to a building and the landscape surrounding it.
Outdoor architectural lighting is not about flooding every surface with light.
Often highlighting a few structural elements with a spotlight or buried uplight is effective.
Washing walls with light can produce stunning effects making the exterior take on a different appearance once the harsh flood of daylight day light has gone.
When designing the lighting of your exterior remember to think about texture, brick, stone and steelwork can all benefit for a carefully positioned projector floodlight.
EST Lights develops and OEM manufacturers very high quality architectural Outdoor Lighting fixtures and solutions. Our products can be used in all the areas of outdoor lighting.

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